Sending Cross-Domain Messages to an iFrame


While browsing stackoverflow recently, I discovered a trick to send arbitrary data to an iframe, even if it’s across domains!

If your iframe is on the same domain, you can use the regular trick:

var iframeWin = iframe.contentWindow || iframe.contentDocument.defaultView; = myData;

But if you want to send data to an iframe across domains, you need to be more clever. The trick is to use window.location.hash and the onhashchange event, then set the location of the iframe to have a different hash value (that includes your encoded data).

Let’s write some code that will encode arbitrary data (as long as it’s JSON encodable) and put it into the hash value of the desired iframe.

function sendIFrameData( frame, data ){
    var idx = frame.src.indexOf('#'), url = frame.src;
    if ( idx > -1 ){
        url = url.substr(0, idx);
    frame.src = url + '#' + window.btoa(JSON.stringify(data));

Easy enough…

Now on the iframe side, let’s write a function to decode the data.

function getHashData(){
    var data;
    try {
        data = JSON.parse(window.atob(window.location.hash.substr(1)));
    } catch( e ){}
    return data;

That’s all there is to it!

An example

Here’s a real life example. I created a codepen that will load an iframe on my domain, and send it some messages.

// send arbitrary data to the iframe
sendIFrameData( frame, { text: "Hello world" } );

    sendIFrameData( frame, { text: "How are you today?" } );
}, 2000);

The iframe will listen to the hashchange event and log out what it hears.

var el = document.getElementById('log');
function showMsg(){
    var data = getHashData();
    if ( data && data.text ){
        el.innerHTML += "<br/>Received msg: " + data.text;

// in case we sent data on first load.
// when the hash changes we check the new data and print it out
window.addEventListener('hashchange', function(){

Check out the working example!

See the Pen myVaQX by Well Caffeinated (@wellcaffeinated) on CodePen.

PhysicsJS Contest | Building Demos and Better Renderers


I’d just like to announce that ChallengePost is hosting a PhysicsJS contest!

Register for the PhysicsJS Challenge

I’ve also created a tutorial to help people understand how to create custom renderers with PhysicsJS. Better renderers are sorely needed to make PhysicsJS even easier to use. I’m hoping some clever devs out there will be able to build PhysicsJS renderers on top of great canvas libraries like KineticJS, TWO.js, Pixi.js, Paper.js, or Easel.js.

I raise my coffee cup to you, Internet! Don’t let me down!