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I'm a freelance web developer with a background in theoretical physics. I try my best to find ways to improve science education and communication. You may find my nose poking out from behind a cup of coffee while I tinker with web technologies, and make them do cool things. Speaking of which, you can find some of those showcased below.

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I've created a physics engine for javascript called PhysicsJS. You can read more about it in this blog post, or visit the project page.

Sheep Bounce - For Science

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After seeing the silly, yet addictive website,, I decided to quickly remix the idea - For Science! Using drawings created by Henry Reich, I created a small web app that allows users to play around with sheep that bounce around the screen. The sheep resemble how atoms might jiggle around in an ideal gas, so I used that as the beginning of a conversation about physics, which leads the user to an instructional MinutePhysics video.

This app was created with HTML5 Canvas, Box2D (with boxbox), twitter Bootstrap, requirejs, and Yeoman (for dependency management).

Visualization of Corner Reflectors

I made a little visualization to compliment the video about corner reflectors by Henry (MinutePhysics) and Destin (Smarter Every Day). You can visit the full version (and watch the video), or play with this embedded version. Enjoy :)

YouTube Subtitle Explorer

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With creative input from Henry Reich of MinutePhysics I designed and developed the YouTube Subtitle Explorer, an open-source project that facilitates crowdsourcing the translation of YouTube video subtitles. It was developed primarily with the Silex PHP Microframework, Twitter Bootstrap, and RequireJS. It provides users and administrators with a large array of features, including: caption submission moderation, batch approval of captions that are automatically uploaded to YouTube, google OpenID authentication, automatic updates, etc...


Jasper is a pleasure to work with - he is incredibly fast, dedicated, and insightful. Plus, he understands quantum physics, which in my book is a big plus. My only worry about recommending him to others is that he might no longer be available when I call!
-- Henry Reich (MinutePhysics)

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