Swing Dancing For Science at TEDx Waterloo


The past few months have been a buzz of excitement and exhaustion. I, along with several fellow swing dancers, have been working with physicist and swing dancer, Krister Shalm, on a project that mixes quantum mechanics and swing dancing! This project has been particularly exciting for me because, as some may know, I share Krister’s enthusiasm for science communication, physics and Lindy Hop. Being able to mix them together makes this really fun… and makes for some well caffeinated weekends.

The result of this project will involve dancing live on stage at TEDx Waterloo tomorrow. You can apparently watch it live here at 2:10pm (EST) on Wednesday March 21st. I can’t tell you what to expect, but perhaps I can say that Krister’s talk is one of the more difficult talks logistically… so I’ll let you draw your own predictions.

This talk is also the result of what has been dubbed “Project Q”. Which has enlisted help from swing dancers around the world to help illustrate some of the key concepts going into this TED talk.

Consequently, I’ve been able to apply some of my web development skills too! I built a little map that showcases the Project Q video submissions from around the globe. You can see that on the Project Q page too.

Nervous? A little bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Time to break out and dance…

For Science!